Self Service Reset Password Management

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Self Service Reset Password Management

JiJi Self Service Password Reset(JSSPR) - Self Service Portal , end-users now have the ability to securely reset their own Active Directory passwords without having to involve highly technical helpdesk professionals.

Features and Benefits:
1. Now the multi-level authentication (Security questions, Mobile code authentication, Email verification) is supported for helpdesk admins.
2. Account/Password expire notification is now included. Now the Admins can notify the users about their password/account exipiration with advanced options.
3. Force enroller is now supported. Now the Admin can configure a invite policy for inviting the users to enroll in JiJi Password Reset Suite. If an user is not enrolled after receiving N invite mails, the Admin can force the user to enroll during log on itself.
4. IP Address blocking is now supported. If an user or hacker is making number of failed requests to JiJi Password Reset Suite Web, the Admin can block the IP Address for a period of time.
5. Special instructions is now supported with advanced options. The admin can configure the special instructions in all the End user and Helpdesk pages and can configure levels of instructions.
6. Search users feature is now unique for Selfservice, Helpdesk and Self Update users. Admin can configure different attributes for Selfservice, Helpdesk and SelfUpdate users.


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